counterfeit products

Neurotoxin pipeline advances, stay wary of counterfeitsAs the neurotoxin market is set for expansion, so expands the market of counterfeit products. One expert reviews the innovative options coming up through the pipeline and cautions colleagues about the risks associated with counterfeits.
Bogus medical devices make their way into trade showsCounterfeit medical products, including skin-tightening devices, are appearing at trade shows and pose risk and liabilities, according to a letter in a recent issue of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine.
Illegal fillers can leave devastating resultsIllegal fillers can have devastating effects on a patient’s body and can be extremely hard to try to correct any resulting disfigurement.
Beware of fake toxinsMichael Gold, M.D., at the MauiDerm 2014 conference shared his insight into the world of fake botulinum toxins. There is a huge counterfeit market, and it behooves dermatologists to be aware, because the products are easily acquired over the Internet or purchased overseas and carried into the United States.