The ophthalmic technology floodToday, a visit to the commercial exhibitions of major meetings is a real show, with companies’ booths offering amazing high-tech devices that promise to address the specific needs we have in our practices. Although such technology impresses us, we seldom receive information on the evidence-based data surrounding its effectiveness, its cost-benefit analysis and the potential for obsolescence.
What to do About Rising Health-Care Costs?
What to do About Rising Health-Care Costs?Taking a clear-eyed look at the cost of health care can reduce waste.
Three strategies for health execs navigating valueHealthcare organizations are looking for new ways to engage consumers, streamline information sharing and transparency and collaborate with other industry stakeholders. As a result, healthcare stakeholders need to focus on three key strategies.
Medical schools tackle care costsCost issues work their way into medical school curricula
Nine ways MCOs can cut administrative costs
Nine ways MCOs can cut administrative costsFor decades, administrative costs for health plans have stalled. Today’s healthcare market is full of opportunities to trim the fat.
High-cost patient populations: 3 areas to addressThe solution to succeeding in value-based reimbursement models is to start inside the hospital with high acuity patients and build the systems that support them.
Finding ROI through EHR optimizationIt is important not to write off EHR systems as a sunk investment or simply as a cost of doing business in healthcare.
Build your practice with BuildmybodNew digital tool helps to filter serious patient consults and increase procedure booking rate.
New York law sets standard for transparencyA new healthcare cost transparency law in New York State created to protect consumers requires insurers to publish clear information about health plan rules.
The cost of contact lens and lens care noncomplianceContact lens and lens care compliance depends on patients following the doctor's recommendations, yet not all of what is imparted to patients is being followed. Diligence is the watchword, in both patient education and looking for contact lens complications from noncompliance in contact lens-wearing patients.