Walgreens Finds New Manufacturer
Walgreens Finds New ManufacturerThe chain signs a deal with Fareva to take over its contract manufacturing business.
Posters presented at ARVO 2017 offer insight on cosmetic use and OSD, DemodexLeslie E. O’Dell, OD, FAAO, discusses posters she presented about cosmetics and the ocular surface and Demodex with Optometry Times Chief Optometric Editor Ernie Bowling, OD, MS, FAAO, at ARVO 2017 in Baltimore, MD.
7 tips for safer lens wear with cosmeticsA few tips regarding wearing cosmetics and contact lens wear can help our patients wear their lenses with more comfort.
How should contact lens wearers remove eye cosmetics?It is important to completely remove eye cosmetics before going to bed as the cosmetics can cause eyelash issues. The cosmetics can plug the follicular ostia of the eyelashes causing increased demodex problems and worsening ocular rosacea.
Uncover patient lifestyle habits that lead to OSD
Uncover patient lifestyle habits that lead to OSDA day in the life of a female patient provides clues that can help
Changing FDA regs impact dermatologists, patientsRecent actions around drug compounding, sunscreen ingredient approvals, drugs and medical devices, cosmetic product marketing and more will affect your practice. Stay informed.
Managing the needs of female patientsOptometrists can play key roles in women’s health, especially in macular degeneration and obesity. Include a conversation about cosmetic use in discussions with female patients as well.
What is the new FDA concern regarding the safety of cosmetics?Cosmetic products are an interesting category because the cosmetics industry is self-regulated. This is in direct contrast to drugs that are carefully regulated by the FDA.
Stem cell based cosmeceuticals popular but lack sufficient human studiesConsumers’ enthusiasm for stem cell-based cosmeceuticals should not overshadow the reality that these products remain unsupported by rigorous research, says an expert who spoke at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum.