cosmetic techniques

Avoiding, treating fractional laser complicationsStrategies to avoid fractional laser complications include lowering laser parameters and paying attention to patient histories. Should complications occur, early recognition and treatment can reduce the potential for scarring.
PRP performs well in adjunctive role with laser resurfacingNew research shows PRP improve wound healing and more in patients who undergo ablative fractional photothermolysis.
Study considers transaxillary technique for high-risk patientsNew research suggests that the transaxillary incision technique for breast implant exchange procedures in high-risk patients is a safe, effective, perhaps preferable option to the standard anterior approach.
Novel extended-release local analgesic improves post-facial rejuvenation outcomesPlastic surgeons present their experience with integrating bupivacaine into pain management plans for facial procedures for reduced requirements in post-operative oral analgesics and related side effects. Their infiltration technique and a case study is presented.
Dynamic movement 4D video: Before and after gynecomastia treatmentUsing dynamic movement (4D) photography and/or video is beneficial for patient communication after high-definition body contouring and other treatments where small improvements can provide sizable changes in contour and shadowing.
Skin adhesive rivals sutures in wound-closing studyRecently released results of a European study suggest that a new topical skin adhesive is as effective as intradermal sutures in wound closures.
Plastic surgeon's protocol for scar treatmentFrom topical treatment options, to surgical revision, one plastic surgeon offers his approach to scar treatments.
Abdominal dermal-fat grafts for buttock augmentationIs abdominal dermal-fat graft augmentation gluteoplasty a viable technique?
Combo technique boosts long-term facelift resultsRecently released results of a new study suggest that the combined use of a Smartlipo laser and a Quill suture in face-lift procedures can improve long-term results.
Treatment tips for photoaging treatment and preventionBoth dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have a variety of advanced and direct techniques they regularly employ to combat the effects of photoaging. Taking a look behind the doors of one such practice, dermatologic surgeon Rebecca A. Kazin, M.D., F.A.A.D., Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, Washington, D.C., offers her practice pearls for the techniques she uses on her patients’ faces to turn back these undesirable effects of time.