cosmetic surgery trends

What’s the most searched term in your state?One company traced Google Trends data to reveal the most googled cosmetic procedure term in each state. Can you correctly guess which one tops yours?
Worldwide cosmetic surgery trends
Worldwide cosmetic surgery trendsBotox and breast augmentation are in while penile enhancement is out, according to recent statistics reported by ISAPS.
A little goes a long way with millennialsDermatologist Rachel Pritzker, M.D., describes the motivations and treatment nuances of the next generation of cosmetic surgery patients.
How patients are using online ratingsPatients are coming to physicians based on ratings and with particular procedures and price-points in mind. Be prepared to explain the imperfections in online reviews and how costs can be highly variable. These are the important points to keep in mind.
All eyes on abs in the UKWhat are the most in-demand cosmetic surgeries in the UK? New research pegs full abdominoplasty as last year’s standout.
Technology advances cellulite treatmentWe finally have effective interventions that address the root cause of cellulite (fibrous tethers). Now, patient education and selection becomes paramount. Long horizontal lines and the infragluteal cleft or bulge, the so-called “banana-roll” cannot be corrected with these interventions. Prior to performing cellulite procedures we must impart this knowledge to our patients to ensure realistic expectations.
Top 5 global leaders in cosmetic surgeryOf the more than 20 million surgical and non-surgical procedures performed world-wide in 2014, according to IPRAS these five countries take the top spots.
Cosmetic surgery year in review: What's next?Cosmetic surgery experts from around the U.S. comment on what was hot and cooling in 2014, as well as their predictions for trends in the New Year.