cosmetic outcomes

How well do you know your herbs and spices?It turns out that asking a simple question while taking patients’ histories could prevent unanticipated bleeding and bruising after fillers, neurotoxin injections and more.
Cosmetic dermatology and the "none" or "almost none" phenomenonWe are entering a new era in dermatology where numerous drugs are available with the sole purpose of improving appearance and not treating disease. New criteria are needed for measuring success of these drugs.
Strategies for handling complex pterygium surgery, complicationsIn this second of a two-part series on pterygia and pinguecula surgery with cosmetic expectations, Arun C. Gulani, MD, addresses the complex pterygia and complications.
Here today, gone tomorrow: Cosmetic outcomes of pterygium surgeryIn this first of a two-part series Arun C. Gulani, MD, discusses how pterygium and pinguecula surgery can be approached cosmetically, even in extensive cases, and not only improved pathologically and functionally but also raised to a cosmetic outcome. Part 2 will address strategies for handling complex and recurrent pterygium surgery and complications such as scleral melts.