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From new vaccines to the advent of new neurotoxinsPhysicians weigh in expectations for new developments within all facets of dermatology from pediatric dermatology to dermatopathology.
HA fillers and blindnessAre we still in the dark when it comes to preventing and managing blindness from filler injections?
The man factorAre male patients becoming a bigger part of the cosmetic procedure pie? Yes, according to statistics and industry experts, but it’s complicated.
Avoiding filler complicationsInjectable fillers are considered to be safe in the hands of experienced dermatologists. But side effects are a possibility no matter how experienced the practitioner. A derm expert shares what colleagues need to know about filler complications and how to treat them.
Risk of nodules associated with fillers, dental work (VIDEO)Listen to the expert panel discuss this issue in our exclusive roundtable video from the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology meeting.
Clinicians must learn more about science of fillers
Clinicians must learn more about science of fillersWhen considering the pluses, minuses and makeup of currently available fillers, according to an expert speaking at Cosmetic Surgery Forum, dermatologists must rely on their own insights and industriousness rather than manufacturers’ messages.
Choices: Every dermatologist has a personal preference for injectable productsMany dermatologists agree that it's wonderful to have so many tools, but each one serves a purpose for enhancing different features and areas of the face.
Cosmetic dermatology market expected to flourishWhat does the future look like for cosmetic medicine and aesthetic treatments? Jwala Karnik, M.D., chief medical officer, Suneva Medical, weighs in on three trends that are expected to impact cosmetic dermatology.
Cosmetic filler approved for adults with volume loss in cheeksFDA has approved Juvederm Voluma XC, a cosmetic filler by Allergan, to temporarily correct age-related volume loss in the cheek area in adults who are older than 21 years. The product is expected to be available this fall, the manufacturer said.
VIDEO: Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons discuss counterfeit injectablesExperts discussed their views on the counterfeit injectables market and off-label product usage during the recent 2013 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology meeting.