cosmetic conundrums

The benefits of hair serumsHair serums are to the hair what hand creams are to the hands. They are valuable in improving the appearance of chemically treated hair.
Saw palmetto berries may help grow hairSaw palmetto is a dwarf palm found in tropical climates that produces berries. These berries contain a naturally occurring substance that may block 5-alpha-reductase. This is the same mechanism by which finasteride works to grow scalp hair when taken orally by men.
Which hand sanitizer is best for use in the physician's office?What are the different types of hand sanitizers? Which is the best one for the dermatologist to use in the office?
Advise hand cream use following sanitzersAll formulations of hand sanitizers are drying to the hands. Ideally, a hand cream should be used after every hand sanitizer use. The best time to apply a hand cream is at bedtime when the hands are rest.
Hand sanitizers don't cleanseWhile the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has credited hand sanitizers with minimizing the severity of the flu outbreak last year, there are some important organisms that cannot be killed by any type of hand sanitizer.
Skin poration popularity spreads to U.S.Skin poration is a not a new concept, but rather the application of acupuncture techniques to skincare. This trend has now spread to the United States.
Skin poration device development and comfort of useCertainly, the discomfort of poration depends on the device construction and the pressure with which the device is rolled over the face.
Does skin poration really work?Since these devices are sold over-the-counter, no one really wants to know because injection into the skin would technically make the rollers a device that would require Food and Drug Administration attention.
Uncovering the cause of armpit irritationAntiperspirants and not deodorants are the culprit in skin irritation. The antiperspirant decreases sweating while the deodorant simply provides a pleasant scent to the armpit.
Lipsticks are excellent photoprotectionOpaque lipsticks provide better photoprotection than SPF-containing lip balms because they have an unlimited SPF and excellent substantivity.