cosmetic conundrums

Lipsticks are excellent photoprotectionOpaque lipsticks provide better photoprotection than SPF-containing lip balms because they have an unlimited SPF and excellent substantivity.
Trace amounts of lead may be in lipsticks, not health riskThe government regulates the pigments used around the mouth, where ingestion may occur. The amounts are very small compared to the lead contamination possibilities from the old lead-based paints.
Thicker, creamier sunscreens may trigger acne-like problemsMost patients that complain of acne within 48 hours of applying sunscreen probably are not experiencing true acne with follicular rupture, but rather irritant follicular contact dermatitis or possibly miliaria rubra and miliaria pustulosa. It may be worthwhile to suggest patients try a spray formulation.
Which hand sanitizers are most practical and effective?What are the different types of hand sanitizers? Which is the best one for the dermatologist to use in the office?
Limitations of hand sanitizers