cosmetic conundrums

The allure of pearl powderPearl powder is another sea derived substance finding its way into high priced boutique products. Many healing and skin benefits are thought to be derived from pearls in the Orient.
Considerations for hair washing frequencyThis is the second most difficult question to answer in dermatology behind how often should I wash my face. I am not sure that all dermatologists would agree on the frequency of hair washing, and perhaps this is due to the fact that shampoo is to wash the scalp and beautify the hair.
Seaweed becomes latest cosmeceutical fadSeaweed and oceanic extracts are the ingredients of the moment. Why? Because raw material suppliers have decided to put their efforts towards growth in this area.
Adjusting the color of self-tanning creamsThe depth of color is created by the amount of DHA applied and the amount of protein present in the skin. In areas where the stratum corneum is thicker, such as the palms, soles, elbows, and knees, the brown color appears darker.
Can inflammation reduction lead to ‘slimmer’ skin?Patients will bring to me on a weekly basis tubes of slimming cream for evaluation. The question from the concerned consumer is always the same. Is it wise use of my money to purchase this product again and what exactly does a slimming cream do? The honest truth is that I am not sure what benefit a slimming cream delivers.
4 categories of under-eye cosmetic products and their benefitsI have not found any product for eye puffiness in the cosmetic marketplace that work, but there are several categories of products available.
Self-tanning cream safetySelf-tanning creams are safe, but perhaps an explanation is in order. There have been a very few reported cases of allergic contact dermatitis to self-tanning creams.
The reason for, benefits of cellulite creamsCellulite creams are the perfect cosmetic because of a wide potential audience and the large body service area that must be covered with cream required frequent purchase. This explains the competitive marketplace, but determining efficacy is another story.
The use of microsponges in dandruff shampoosMicrosponges are very small sponges that can be loaded with substances for delivery to the skin. The most interesting use of microsponges in OTC (over-the-counter) drug dermatologics is in dandruff shampoos.
Skin lightening is latest antiperspirant fadThe newest fad in antiperspirant/deodorants worldwide is skin lightening of the armpits combined with moisture and odor control. The need for armpit skin lightening is most pronounced among the higher Fitzpatrick skin types, in which armpit pigmentation is common.