cosmetic conundrums

Genetically customized product formulaOne of the currently popular fads in high end boutique skin care products is the development of genetically customized formulations. Read to learn the answer.
Algae becoming a popular cosmetic ingredientSnow algae is an interesting single cell algae that survives at 0 degrees C. Read and learn more on how algae is becoming a popular cosmetic ingredient.
Factors impacting earlobe dermatitisEarring dermatitis at the site of a pierced earring can be due to many different factors. It is important to rule out nickel dermatitis and recommend the use of high quality yellow gold earrings.
Background on flouride-containing solutionsFluoride is found in many toothpastes designed to prevent tooth decay. As a matter of fact, the fluorination of water and toothpastes is felt to be the major factoring contributing the increasing number of adults retaining their own teeth into maturity.
How fragrance technology irritates sensitive patientsLong-lasting fragrances is one of the major accomplishments of the perfume industry that has become the bane of fragrance sensitive individuals.
Head space analysisWhy are so many fruit and floral type scent combinations popular, such as kiwi/vanilla or rose/melon or peppermint/lemon?
Fragrances an important aspect of product brandingHow are fragrances made? Scented body lotions, soaps, and hair shampoos with smells that extend beyond the packaging seem very popular
Dermal pinning explainedDermal pinning is a technique that goes by many different propriety names, including dermal poration and dermal needling. It is essentially the use of a roller device with many small needles that is pressed and rolled over the skin. It can be used with or without electricity.
Toothpastes for dry mouth and lipsToothpaste selection is important in the treatment of dry mouth and dry lips, but the sensitive teeth formulations do not appear to be problematic.
The differences, benefits among fragrancesFragrances and masking fragrances are one in the same, but have a different purpose. Fragrances are designed to create a perceivable pleasant smell while masking fragrances are designed to mask a bad smell creating a neutral smell.