cosmetic conundrums

How does a sonicating brush clean the skin?There are many brush types of cleansing implements currently marketed to enhance cleansing of the face. Learn how they have evolved.
Are growth factors safe in cosmetics?Growth factors are one of the most controversial cosmetic ingredients in terms of safety. Learn why.
Can females achieve a good leg shave when using hair conditioner as shaving cream?Does hair conditioner make an excellent shaving cream? to find out the answer keep reading.
Why are antiperspirants best applied at night before bedtime?dermatologists have all experienced the patient who comes in stating that no antiperspirant works, even prescription aluminum chloride solutions. So what do you tell them? Read to learn more.
What is an emollient?Basically, an emollient is a film forming substance that makes the skin feel and look smooth. Emolliency can be achieved with three methods
What is Emu oil?Emu oil is high in essential fatty acids and is used in hair care products, read to find out what Emu Oil is and how its used in hair products.
In search of finding an anti-aging geneThe human genome project was completed without finding an anti-aging gene, much to the disappointment of scientists. Yet, the search continues for genes that could be modified to influence aging. Read and learn more
Genetically customized product formulaOne of the currently popular fads in high end boutique skin care products is the development of genetically customized formulations. Read to learn the answer.
Algae becoming a popular cosmetic ingredientSnow algae is an interesting single cell algae that survives at 0 degrees C. Read and learn more on how algae is becoming a popular cosmetic ingredient.
Factors impacting earlobe dermatitisEarring dermatitis at the site of a pierced earring can be due to many different factors. It is important to rule out nickel dermatitis and recommend the use of high quality yellow gold earrings.