cosmetic conundrums

How should you apply cosmetics to avoid problems with extended-wear soft contact lenses?Contact lenses are being worn by increasing numbers of females who also desire to wear cosmetics. This can be a challenge as cosmetics can cloud, discolor, and destroy the newer water-holding oxygen-permeable contact lenses.
Can contact lens wearers apply wetting solution while wearing cosmetics?It is possible to apply wetting solution drops without damaging eye cosmetics. The best method is to stand upright and pull out the lower eyelid to form a space to place the drops.
How should contact lens wearers remove eye cosmetics?It is important to completely remove eye cosmetics before going to bed as the cosmetics can cause eyelash issues. The cosmetics can plug the follicular ostia of the eyelashes causing increased demodex problems and worsening ocular rosacea.
Top 5 of 2016: Cosmetic ConundrumsZoe Diana Draelos, M.D., answered many cosmetic questions in 2016. These are her top-5 most-read Cosmetic Conundrums.
Why do some women develop cheilitis while wearing a lipstick?It is not unusual for some women to develop cheilitis while wearing lipstick because not all lipsticks are moisturizing
Are there any antiaging lip tips to share with mature female patients?The most important part of the lip to maintain with aging is the philtrum.
Which OTC products are good for the acne patient?An expert goes over the pros and cons of some of the available OTC acne products.
Are there certain cosmetics that patients with acne should avoid?An expert discusses which types of products tend to be more comdedogenic and acnegenic.
Is there a certain type of facial foundation that will not cause breakouts?An expert discusses available types of facial foundations and their effect on the skin in regards to acne.
What constitutes good genes?Certain genes can be predictors of average life expectancy in individuals who carry them.