cosmetic complications

Cosmetic dangers: Part 1-Popular cosmetics patients use
Cosmetic dangers: Part 1-Popular cosmetics patients useIn Part 1 of her three-part series on cosmetic dangers, Tracy Schroeder-Swartz, OD, MS, FAAO, outlines what types of cosmetic products are available and what they do.
Laser treatment for permanent filler complicationsResearchers offer a novel approach and treatment algorithm for removing permanent fillers.
Can trauma displace fillers?
Can trauma displace fillers?After undergoing a filler injection procedure, an at-home traumatic event in the same area caused a large bruise that resulted in a permanent indentation. This patient wants to know, can trauma displace fillers?
Optimizing the use of hyaluronidase to manage filler complicationsFiller complications are more likely to occur when injectors are unfamiliar with facial anatomy, and injectors should also inform themselves of the type of hyaluronic acid filler that is being injected, monophasic or polyphasic, so they are aware how much hyaluronidase is required to inject should complications arise.