corneal epithelium

How tear osmolarity affects lens wearConsidering that many CL patients are desensitized, it is critical we not only monitor their tear film and ocular surface for change, but we demonstrate stability or instability through measurable means. This creates trust, validates our recommendations, induces compliance, and generates positive outcomes.
How to manage vision changes over time post-LASIK
How to manage vision changes over time post-LASIKHow often have you heard a post-LASIK patient say his surgery “isn’t working anymore” or it has “expired?” While the corneal tissue that was ablated is gone forever, eyes can change over time, and laser vision correction does not stop time.
Early report: Surface ablation deviceWhat is the most effective procedure to remove corneal epithelium? A single metallic blade or hockey-stick knife has been used since the 1980s. Excimer lasers have been used since the 1990s. The initial report on the first 25 patients treated with a new, double-blade device was presented by Matsliah Taieb, MD.