Trump’s new contraception coverage rules: 4 things to knowThe Trump Administration issued two rules rolling back the federal requirement that employers include birth control coverage in their group health plans. Here’s what you need to know.
Migraines in Women
Migraines in WomenThis article reviews how migraines in women are impacted by the fluctuating hormone levels they experience throughout their lifecycle.
Pharmacist Personal Beliefs in the News AgainA New Mexico pharmacist's actions brought an ACLU lawsuit.
Getting the Morning-After Pill Remains a Challenge for Many Teens
Getting the Morning-After Pill Remains a Challenge for Many TeensNew study indicates emergency contraception is not available to all who might need it.
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Why a longer labor could cut cesarean delivery ratesA new study wonders if allowing a longer labor could help reduce rates of cesarean delivery. Plus: Does placing a cervical pessary prevent preterm birth? Also, a look at why teenaged LARC users aren't using condoms for STI prevention.
Two states to allow pharmacists to prescribe birth controlPharmacists in California and Oregon will soon be able to prescribe birth control.
Essure safety a high-priority issue, says FDAThe FDA looks at the benefit/risk profile of Essure. And, what place does MRI have in breast cancer treatment? Plus: A look at ovarian stimulating agents.
When 'fair balance,' isn't?Readers react to Contemporary Pediatrics discussion with Diane Foley, MD
Is 1 dose of HPV vaccine as effective as 3?A new study examines the efficacy of a single dose of the HPV vaccine for preventions. Plus: What's the optimal time for inserting a contraceptive implant after delivery? And: A case study wonders if NIPT can help diagnose cancer in the mother.