ACOG Guidelines: Menstrual manipulation for adolescents with physical and developmental disabilitiesExpert commentary on Committee Opinion No. 668: Menstrual Manipulation for Adolescents With Physical and Developmental Disabilities.
Top ob/gyn stories of 20162016 was a year of change and new challenges. Find out what the top news stories of 2016 were.
Women’s health Q&A: Two specialists discuss top issuesTwo experts discuss top-of-mind women’s healthcare issues in managed care.
IUD Issues: Zero in with ultrasound
IUD Issues: Zero in with ultrasoundPelvic sonography, especially transvaginal 3D imaging, is critical for identifying malpositioned and embedded IUDs.
Safe contraception for women with medical conditionsObesity, headaches, PID among conditions that warrant special consideration.
Opening up the emergency contraception talkSince its approval nearly 20 years ago, emergency contraception therapies have changed a lot. One in 5 physicians hesitates to discuss them with their patients, but a new bulletin from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology seeks to open the discussion.
Text message reminders boost Depo-Provera adherenceUsing a text messaging system to remind adolescents of scheduled appointments for a contraception injection appears to improve clinic attendance.
Healthcare reform, EHRs, and adolescent confidentialityRegulations are becoming more complicated and vary by state.
Contraception guidelines for adolescents
Contraception guidelines for adolescentsTeenaged pregnancy rates in the United States continue to be among the highest in the industrialized nations.
Update: Emergency contraceptionEmergency contraception is used to decrease the risk of pregnancy after unprotected or underprotected coitus.