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MOC: A view from the trenchesOne physician says the time to protest MOC mandates is now.
Residency training in psychosocial healthRecently, the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) cited a critical lack of pediatric residency training for behavioral and mental health problems and proposed more education in preventing, recognizing, and managing these conditions. Here’s why any change needs to start with a hard look at what our priorities are.
Treating obesity at ground zeroI found myself in the trenches of the war on obesity in 2000 when I began working as a general pediatrician at a local community clinic in Southern California. I immediately became aware of the day-to-day barriers that my patients were facing and I began to take on the responsibility of making sure that the children I was seeing would not only survive, but also thrive.
Anatomy of an “accident”I was reading the causes of mortality and morbidity in children and noticed that beyond age 2 years, many of the most likely serious harms to children, especially death, are considered “accidents.” I began wondering about all those situations that we so readily call “accidents.”
Prescribing preventionThe Fruit and Vegetable Prescription (FVRx) Program began with the testimonials of the families enrolled in the childhood weight management clinic I had started in my community health center in 2006.
Can we prediagnose opiate addiction?We have a serious public health problem called “opiate addiction.” It affects all age groups, and in the last 2 decides it has spread across the country. It used to occur only among the poor and minorities. Now it impacts everyone, even family members of those running for presidential office.
Face masks and the brainThe current epidemic of football-related concussions and the association of repeated concussions with CTE is a serious problem that must be addressed and resolved.
Medical marijuana: 8 questions in search of an evidence baseStarting as a seedy, possible root cause of drug abuse, marijuana has branched out and grown into a redwood-sized recreational drug industry not unlike the tobacco industry.
MOC in HaikuClearly, we touched a nerve when we invited you to put pen to paper to channel your feelings about the Maintenance of Certification program—in haiku form!
How to save our toddlers’ IQA pediatrician makes the case that increasing efforts on preventing iron deficiency can have the added benefit of preventing lead poisoning.