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13 tips for tackling parental concernsThis month, I share several observations from various parental concerns.
Smarter testing for anemia and infectionsConsider these helpful hints when diagnosing anemia or infections in your patients.
5 truths about ADHD and autismThis month I offer some observations on developmental disorders—ADHD and autism.
8 gut reactions to common problemsHere is helpful advice gleaned from my experiences with C diff, diarrhea, colic, reflux, and other things gastroenterological.
Ears, nose, and throat, oh, my!From ear infections to croup to strep, I have found that the simplest diagnosis is often the best diagnosis.
Helpful tips for using pharmaceuticals with kidsChildren are not little adults, and it’s only common sense to be aware of a child’s age and weight when dosing pharmaceuticals. Here are some other helpful gems I’ve uncovered about medications.
Use common sense for dermatologic concernsDr Farber shares 8 common sense tips for handling dermatologic concerns.
How to perform a better physical examThere is a trend in internal medicine to get away from doing complete physical examinations on each visit, with a minimalistic approach to a healthy patient. I am not prepared to go that far just yet, but I have modified my examination in many ways over the years. Here are some gems I have unearthed.
Pearls from the trenches: Part 4In his final installment of the series "Pearls from the trenches," Dr. Farber encourages pediatricians to think outside the box, to trust their "sixth sense" when it comes to treating patients, and always to look at what they are doing from the parents' and child's point of view.
Pearls from the trenches: Part 3In this third of 4 articles, Dr Farber shares more wisdom gleaned from years of practice.