Contemporary Pediatrics Podcast

Transitional-aged youth and substance use: Teenaged addicts come of ageAdolescents evolve from child to young adult without the maturity of adulthood to help them navigate the transition, particularly when it comes to the perils of substance use and addiction. Pediatricians who care for transitional-aged youth with substance use disorders have new paradigms that have shown promise for treating addiction and its accompanying comorbidities and for sustaining recovery over time.
Children’s oral health: prevention and treatmentAlarming rates of pediatric dental caries and spotty access to dental professionals are driving basic dental care into the pediatrician’s domain. Take a look at a video and listen to a podcast also included in this article.
Overview: childhood overweight and obesity diagnosis and treatmentChildhood obesity comes at a high cost. Not only does it threaten the health and lives of future generations, but it also puts a heavy burden on future health care spending.
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