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Treating obesity at ground zeroI found myself in the trenches of the war on obesity in 2000 when I began working as a general pediatrician at a local community clinic in Southern California. I immediately became aware of the day-to-day barriers that my patients were facing and I began to take on the responsibility of making sure that the children I was seeing would not only survive, but also thrive.
PODCAST: Testing for substance abuseSharon Levy, MD, MPH, FAAP discusses the clinical report "Testing for drugs of abuse in children and adolescents" with Contemporary Pediatrics.
PODCAST: Auditory brain stem implants in young children.Jamie Glater, MD, discusses an NIH-sponsored study investigating the effectiveness of an auditory brain stem implant in young children with congenital cochlear nerve agenesis.
PODCAST: Gut checkAmong recent research on nonpharmacologic therapies for the often baffling sequelae accompanying autism, some of the most intriguing explores clues to its etiology. A.J. Russo, PhD, recently sat down exclusively with Contemporary Pediatrics to discuss his newly published study of how probiotics impact gut flora and biomarkers such as copper in children with autism—looking for their correlations with GI disease and behavioral symptom severity.
PODCAST: Marvin L Wang, MD discusses the CDC’s draft recommendation on adolescent circumcisionMarvin L Wang, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School and Director of Newborn Nurseries at Massachusetts General Hospital, discusses the CDC’s draft recommendation on the health benefits and risks of circumcision in children and adolescents.
PODCAST: Progress on premature babies, March of Dimes reportIn an exclusive interview with Charles J. Lockwood, MD, MHCM, senior vice president, University of South Florida (USF) Health, and dean, USF Health Morsani College of Medicine, Tampa, we asked what steps physicians can take to impact the sobering statistic of 1 in 9 US infants still being born at 37 or fewer weeks.
Physicians to appeal court affirmation of Florida law restricting gun counselingThe American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Florida Chapter and others plan to appeal the recent federal court decision that approves a Florida "gag" law restricting physician counseling and medical record notation about firearm ownership or presence in the home of a patient.
PODCAST: Unintended consequencesMark Olfson, MD, MPH discusses the recent study by Lu et al on black box warnings for antidepressants and suicide attempts in young people.
PODCAST: David Diamond, PhD discusses Forgotten Baby SyndromeDavid Diamond, PhD discusses Forgotten Baby Syndrome and its impact on vehicular heat stroke fatalities.
PODCAST: Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD discusses her work on oral immunotherapy with childrenKari Nadeau, MD, PhD discusses her work on oral immunotherapy with children at the Nadeau Laboratory at Stanford University School of Medicine, California.