Contemporary OBGYN annual survey

A love/hate divideOur latest survey paints a picture of ob/gyns simultaneously dedicated to their profession and increasingly frustrated by external stressors.
How is the profession changing?In our annual Labor Force, one of your pressing concerns was how the ob/gyn profession was changing.
Concerns about future of OB/GYN as a specialtyHere's what you said made you worry about the future of ob/gyn as a specialty.
2017 Annual Labor Force SurveyA look at the state of the OB/GYN speciality in 2017 and what's creating pressure on you.
We’re only human
We’re only humanToo much paperwork. Not enough sleep. Too many surgical procedures to keep up with. Too much litigation. Not enough time with family. Your frustrations came through loud and clear in the second annual Labor Force survey. Over and over, you told us, in effect, “We’re only human!”
11 thoughts on surgical training in residency
The pursuit of happiness and success in OB/GYNContemporary OB/GYN's blogger on residency discusses the annual survey and the need to have balance in life.
Your Life, Your Work
Your Life, Your WorkHow did Ob/Gyn look in 2015? What did you love about your specialty and what frustrated you?