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Q&A: Carla Mack, OD, MBA; Director of Professional and Clinical Support, for U.S. Vision Care at Alcon
Q&A: Carla Mack, OD, MBA; Director of Professional and Clinical Support, for U.S. Vision Care at AlconContact lenses, communications, and knowing how to properly bill and code
Using toricity with scleral lenses
Using toricity with scleral lensesScleral lenses are indispensable in a specialty contact lens practice. The indications for scleral lens use are well established in the literature and range from visual rehabilitation of irregular corneas to severe ocular surface disease management.1-4 Many more uses may still be revealed.
LASIK rivals contact lenses in visual acuity and comfortCompared with daily wear contact lens wear, wavefront-guided LASIK results in better binocular uncorrected visual acuity and comparable subjective outcomes.
Monthly contact lens wearers can thrive, not just surviveContact lens practitioners have a range of soft contact lens replacement modalities available—from daily disposable to reusable lenses with a two-week or monthly replacement schedule. Personality, lifestyle factors, and ocular health should all be taken into account when deciding which lens and which lens modality to prescribe.
Using tinted contact lenses in practiceFrom the first introduction on the cinematic screens for visual effects in 1950 to its mainstream use today for masking both natural iris pigment and ocular disfigurement, colored contact lenses are an important addition to your contact lens toolbox. Industry has made fitting this type of lens more appealing by offering improvements in color matching techniques and healthier materials compatible with commercially available inks and dyes.
6 things you need to know: Genetic markers for glaucoma identifiedThe latest news and research you need to know about this week.
1-800 Contacts ramps up legislative fights
1-800 Contacts ramps up legislative fights1-800 Contacts is ramping up its fight against organized optometry at the state and federal levels over legislation that would change important aspects of contact lens prescriptions and dispensing, such as longer expiration dates, elimination of contact lens brand on the Rx, and enacting a contact lens patient bill of rights.
Use contact lens manufacturer rebates to your benefitUse contact lens manufacturer rebates for daily disposable lenses to your advantage to promote better patient lens wear compliance and in-office contact lens purchase rates. Patients wearing daily disposables return more quickly for eye exams and are more compliant with lens wearing instructions.
7 techniques to boost your annual supply salesLet’s talk about an elephant in the room. Some practices are incredibly effective at selling annual supplies of contact lenses, and some practices are not. Just like daily disposables, low sales numbers are blamed on “the demographics of my practice.”
Which is superior: LASIK or contact lenses?Steven Dell, MD, and Steve Schallhorn, MD, compared the visual and subjective outcomes in patients who wear contact lenses with those who underwent wavefront-guided LASIK for the correction of myopia and astigmatism.