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Tips to become a better contact lens technicianThese tips have helped doctors reduce chair time, see more patients, and develop a reputation as a state-of-the-art contact lens practice.
5 reasons to prescribe toric contact lenses
Sizing up daily disposable contact lensesMost ODs could list all the missing items in their contact lens supply line. They could construct a wish list of products they would like to see available in the future. On days when we find ourselves ransacking the contact lens trial room, ODs may think technology is moving too slowly. Perhaps it’s time for some needed perspective.
Optimize patients’ CL experience by avoiding 3 bad habits
Optimize patients’ CL experience by avoiding 3 bad habitsJust as ODs develop good habits, there are bad habits that we should avoid. Avoid the following three habits to optimize your patients’ lens wearing experience.
7 strategies for fitting keratoconus patientsTry these seven strategies to improve your keratoconus contact lens fitting and offer better outcomes to your patients.
Why you are your biggest obstacle to successWhen we take a step back and think about what happens in our offices—in our exam rooms—we realize what a huge impact we have, dare I say “control,” on the growth of our contact lens practice. Yet so many elements of our everyday operations challenge that control and cause us to forget or push to the side the techniques we know to grow our contact lens business.
Five myths about scleral lenses debunked
Five myths about scleral lenses debunkedScleral lenses have gained popularity in the last decade. From a lens with limited viability for over 100 years to the fastest growing segment of the gas permeable lens market, scleral lenses have come a long way.
Gas permeable contact lenses—special or not?When we discuss specialty lenses, most doctors think of multifocal or toric soft lenses. The overwhelming market share of contact lens fits are in soft lenses. However, there is a resurgence of use of gas permeable materials. This has been led by the introduction of scleral and semi-scleral gas permeable lenses.
Embracing new contact lens technology
Embracing new contact lens technologyI recently attended one of our Optometry Times webinars, “Increasing your successful multifocal fits,” presented by our Editorial Advisory Board member David Geffen, OD, FAAO. David is one of the sharpest ODs I know, and his mastery of the subject matter was evident. I consider myself to be up to speed on this topic and was amazed at what I didn’t know!
What’s so special about specialty lenses?
What’s so special about specialty lenses?Increasingly, many practitioners in today’s practices are using specialty contact lenses. These contact lenses historically have been viewed as hard to fit, difficult to find, and much higher in cost. Let’s look at what’s so special about specialty contact lenses.