contact lens dropout

How tear osmolarity affects lens wearConsidering that many CL patients are desensitized, it is critical we not only monitor their tear film and ocular surface for change, but we demonstrate stability or instability through measurable means. This creates trust, validates our recommendations, induces compliance, and generates positive outcomes.
Work with patients to combat contact lens obsolescenceObsolescence happens. If you are not familiar with it, it is the act of becoming obsolete or out of date.
Why accountable contact lens fitting mattersIn order to properly care for our contact lens patients, we have to take responsibility for the changes that are occurring in the tear film under the lens.
4 things you need to know about contact lens dropoutDr. Scott Schachter shares four factors that are affecting contact lens dropout in both a positive and negative way
What is the best contact lens for your patient?We have been the fortunate recipients of innovative technologies in contact lenses that were only concepts a mere decade ago. As a profession, we transitioned most of our two-week and monthly disposable contact lens wearers who were in traditional hydrogel materials into silicone hydrogel materials.
Why you are your biggest obstacle to successWhen we take a step back and think about what happens in our offices—in our exam rooms—we realize what a huge impact we have, dare I say “control,” on the growth of our contact lens practice. Yet so many elements of our everyday operations challenge that control and cause us to forget or push to the side the techniques we know to grow our contact lens business.
Prevent dropout by asking the right questions
Prevent dropout by asking the right questionsPatients do not decide suddenly to drop out of lens wear. It is a progression that may occur over months or years.
What you need to know 4 stories from BCLALiverpool, UK—We have a roundup of what you need to know about information shared at the British Contact Lens Association meeting. Today’s topics range from reducing contact lens dropouts to understanding online shoppers to improving your communication.
Why do you choose that contact lens?Today’s contact lens practice has an abundance of choices for almost every patient. We can pick a soft or gas permeable material, custom or conventional, multifocal or monovision.
A comparison of one-step peroxide systems
A comparison of one-step peroxide systemsIt is important that we use our influence during the exam to recommend lens care products that will positively influence their wearing experience. Peroxide systems have long been credited with superior cleaning capabilities, leading to better overall patient satisfaction.