Confocal Microscopy

Researchers image single cell deaths in glaucoma patientsA new imaging technique can show the deaths of individual cells in people with glaucoma by labelling the cells with fluorescent dye, according to researchers. The approach might eventually be used to diagnosis the disease in its early stages or measure its progression.
Melanoma surgical management guidelinesAll surgical management of melanoma is defined by Breslow thickness. For melanoma less than 1 mm in thickness, typically a SLNB is not required. Future imaging devices may better delineate the extent and depth of the tumor in vivo.
Imaging technologies improve melanoma diagnosisWhile highly sensitive technology is important for detecting melanoma, methods with poor sensitivity can lead to unnecessary biopsies, treatments, cost, as well as morbidity. Several technologies are available to improve sensitivity and specificity, some of which are used as second-level tests.
IVCM an emerging tool from research into clinicIn vivo confocal microscopy has enormous potential to be used in a large number of physiological and pathological ocular conditions.