concierge medicine

Concierge medicine: What health execs need to knowMore providers, and even some health plans, are getting in on the action with concierge medicine. Here’s how it works and how it could affect your business.
Concierge medicine becomes an option in reform eraOnce considered medicine for the rich, concierge practice may be worth exploring for doctors facing today’s challenges
Direct primary care may become the normTraditional primary care is failing, and physicians are burning out at a high rate.
How to offer concierge-like care without the feeI like to describe my practice as “concierge like.” We are all familiar with the concept of MD VIP practices. They require patients to pay a flat fee to be part of the practice’s patient base, and, in return, the patient has free access to his physician at any time.
Diversifying your practiceSome physicians are finding that running two separate practices—or a hybrid concierge practice that includes traditional fee-for-service—can be a smart economic model. Attracting patients willing to pay extra for conveniences or more extensive care can ease the financial strain of treating patients for whom third-party reimbursements are declining.
Letter to the editor: Patients will respond to caring physiciansA doctor writes about why his patients come to him, even though he doesn't accept payments from insurers.