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NECC and the Future of Compounding Pharmacy
NECC and the Future of Compounding PharmacyCompounding pharmacist's case hinged on whether he was "willfully indifferent."
4 reasons to use a compounding pharmacyThere are four reasons to opt for a compounding pharmacy instead of reach for your Rx pad: strength, form, ingredients, and function.
Compounding services can help your pharmacy stand outDennis Song, RPh, describes the steps to take when starting a compounding services business.
Pharmacists sentenced in tainted-drugs caseNine patients at Birmingham-area hospitals developed bloodstream infections and died after receiving TPN compounded by Meds IV.
Court: Wrongful death case against pharmacy can proceedA Florida appeals court recently ruled that the estate of an Ohio man who died from a fatal dose of pain medication could sue the compounding pharmacy that filled the prescription.
Prompt attention vital to managing severe corneal infectionsConducting a good history and a careful exam can usually lead clinicians to the right diagnosis and treatment in cases of severe microbial keratitis.
FDA temporarily shutters ‘filthy’ compounding pharmacySeveral years ago, drugs compounded by Franck’s Compounding Lab caused eye infections that lead to vision loss.
PBMs, wholesalers, and contracts 101Independent pharmacists can benefit from negotiating their own contracts, but they've gotta keep their eye on the ball. Here are a few tips.
Compounding: A core competence for pharmacistsDrug Topics' peripatetic pharmacist-correspondent reports from FIP 2015 in Dusseldorf.
Pharmacy to pay $8 million to settle fraudulent billing allegationsA Florida compounding pharmacy has agreed to pay $8 million to settle allegations it billed the federal government for improper and medically unnecessary prescriptions.