Staying calm while navigating through LASIK complicationsEncountering complications is inevitable for anyone who performs LASIK, and when the complication occurs intraoperatively, surgeons are often faced with the need to make a decision quickly, said Priyanka Sood, MD.
Long-term observation of SMILE gives better myopia prognosisLong-term observation of SMILE reveals high stability at various degrees of correction of myopia. This allows surgeons who apply this method of treatment to give patients a long-term prognosis.
Avoiding filler complicationsInjectable fillers are considered to be safe in the hands of experienced dermatologists. But side effects are a possibility no matter how experienced the practitioner. A derm expert shares what colleagues need to know about filler complications and how to treat them.
Who faces poor urologic surgery outcomes?A new report reveals that black children, and children undergoing more invasive bladder and urinary diversions, undergo more complications after surgery than their peers.
Deciphering bacterial meningitisThe introduction of conjugated vaccines has decreased the incidence of bacterial meningitis in children, amounting to one of the biggest public health successes in the practicing pediatrician’s career.
Kids with cystic fibrosis living longerChildren born and diagnosed with cystic fibrosis in 2010 can anticipate living longer than children with the condition born earlier, a new study reports.
An OD’s perspective of laser cataract surgeryKatherine M. Mastrota, OD, shared an OD’s perspective of laser cataract surgery at the 90th annual SECO International meeting.