Independent Pharmacy Cooperative and Pace Alliance Join Together
Independent Pharmacy Cooperative and Pace Alliance Join TogetherIPC and Pace Alliance join together to help the independent pharmacist.
Restrictive covenants in physician agreements: What you need to knowA common issue in almost all physician employment agreements concerns restrictive and non-solicitation covenants. Some physicians and employers have the impression that such covenants are not enforceable, when the truth is more complex.
Exchange plans beat out premiums of off-exchange plans by 40%The least expensive plans offered by UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Cigna and Assurant were over 40% more expensive on average than the least expensive plans on the exchanges
5 strategies for health plans to improve their bottom lineFour are easy, but one is not so easy
CVS Caremark and Cardinal Health team up to supply generic drugsThe two companies have signed an agreement that commits them to a “50/50 joint venture” that may dominate the US market.
State of the Industry: Narrow and tiered networksNew network designs drive quality through data sharing
Contract terms more nuancedACOs, bundled payment, shared savings require new capabilities and new culture
Online product exchanges set example for 2014Plans should consider adapting similar strategies from online product exchanges to prepare for 2014.