Two Crucial Skills Pharmacists Will Need to Succeed in the Future
Two Crucial Skills Pharmacists Will Need to Succeed in the FutureAs robotics and other systems improve, the physical aspect of pharmacy dispensing is bound to change how pharmacists do their job.
3 steps to boost health literacy
3 steps to boost health literacyWhat do patients and their families really understand about their healthcare and what can pediatricians do about it?
High-Alert Medications
High-Alert MedicationsHigh-alert drugs pose a significant threat to patient safety. There are safeguards that pharmacists should put in place to reduce the risk.
Using technology, medical informatics in patient educationIncorporating new technologies is a must for ODs to improve patient communication and education. Multiple platforms of communication are needed in the 21st century to communicate and educate patients of very different backgrounds.
10 tips to better manage millennialsBy 2020, millennials will make up 50 percent of optometrists’ patient bases, and they’ll have up to $1.4T in spending power, says Thuy-Lan Nguyen. She spoke about managing millennial patients and staff at SECO 2017.
Premium Content Preview | 5 Ways to save your hospital money with better communicationsIn this eBrief we look at why increasing the efficiency of critical test results management (CTRM) is of vital importance for your organization and your patients.
Overcoming a key barrier to highly satisfied patientsHere are four ways to help your organization overcome key hurdles to effective patient communication.
Making care transitions work as an outpatient-only physicianFewer physicians are juggling outpatient and inpatient duties, yet the care coordination and transition processes are under greater scrutiny than ever. Here’s how to make them work.
Improve communication at your healthcare system: 3 tipsHere are three ways to help your organization improve the patient experience through better communication between healthcare staff and patients.
What you need to know 4 stories from BCLALiverpool, UK—We have a roundup of what you need to know about information shared at the British Contact Lens Association meeting. Today’s topics range from reducing contact lens dropouts to understanding online shoppers to improving your communication.