The latest tool for photo-refractive comanagementWhen a colleague or a patient utters the phrase “intelligent design” (ID), it is challenging for me to not roll my eyes as far back as some patients’ contact lenses get lost up there. Honestly, if we really think about it, the design of the ocular system is far from intelligent.
Why communication is the key to diabetes successA new study recently published in Retina found that communication between a diabetic patient’s eyecare provider (ECP) and primary care physicians (PCPs) increased the likelihood that the patient would make and keep her eye exam appointment.
Integrated care means integrating the best careHistorically, optometry and ophthalmology have worked in parallel universes with very little room to cross paths. Yet, this model didn’t provide the appropriate care necessary for our aging populace.
New correction option for presbyopes
New correction option for presbyopesAt present we are limited with our ability to treat presbyopes. Sure, we have progressives and multifocal contact lenses; however, from a surgical standpoint, monovision corneal refractive surgery is limited, and clear lens extraction is often extreme for emmetropes.
How technology changed optometry’s role in cataract comanagementCataract surgery has entered that technology zone enabling surgeons the opportunity to provide sutureless and bladeless surgery, in vivo axis orientation and aberrometry measurements, and now, remove the drops from this pervasive procedure.
OMD resident attacks ODs in blog—ODs respond
Earning a spot on the medical teamLast month, I wrote about diagnosing my father-in-law’s branch retinal artery occlusion (BRAO) and then teaming up with a vascular surgeon for his subsequent carotid endarterectomy. After the successful “slam dunk” surgery, the nurse who discharged him advised him to “go to the ER” should he have any changes in vision, and in the process, dropped the ball.
Eyecare March Madness: When teamwork goes wrongIt’s March Madness time, and the next few weeks will take college basketball fans on a roller coaster ride of synchronous alley oops and ill-timed, dribble-off-the-foot turnovers. I’m always looking for an apt sports metaphor to help pass the time and get me through the day. A guy can dream, can’t he?
Innovations in cataract and refractive surgeryModern ophthalmic cataract surgery now employs sophisticated techniques to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction. This includes surgical systems providing better control, lasers to perform manual techniques, and intraoperative evaluation to evaluate surgical endpoints before the patient leaves the operating room (OR).
Why wait to recommend cataract surgery?Years ago, I realized that a cataract is anomaly of the ocular system that should be eradicated at its earliest stages. Frankly, if you were in a relationship that was not going well and was destined to keep getting worse, would you stay?