collaborative practice agreements

Prescribing rights: Worth it?
Prescribing rights: Worth it?Pharmacists are now recognized as providers nearly everywhere—now that they have the status, what does it mean?
Get paid for clinical services: 7 tips for pharmacistsA pioneer in the battle to win medical provider status tells how its done.
Time to step up
Time to step upPharmacists can make big contributions to the healthcare team — and healthcare systems are leaning on their expertise more and more.
Successful payer-provider collaborations: 4 characteristics
Successful payer-provider collaborations: 4 characteristicsWhile value-based reimbursement presents opportunities for payers and providers, succeeding in such a reimbursement model can be challenging. Here are four things to strive for that could increase the likelihood of success in a value-based reimbursement model.
Ohio pharmacists gain ground with expanded CPAsOhio Governor Kasich has signed into law a bill granting pharmacists additional powers under collaborative practice agreements with physicians.
Community pharmacists take on prediabetesIn 2012, approximately 37% of the adults in America had prediabetes, and almost 90% of them didn't realize it. The importance of intervention/education by community pharmacists cannot be overestimated.
Partnering on COPD for savings, outcomesA leading pharmaceutical company is partnering with payers to help lower COPD complications.
Collaborative practice gains
Collaborative practice gainsRetail pharmacists are ideally situated to perform MTM through collaborative agreements with physicians, and some are making it happen.
Expanding the role of pharmacists on the healthcare teamThe nation's governors get it and have affirmed it publicly. When will the rest of the country get on board?
Nurse practitioners can practice without physician collaboration in New York