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How to Get Paid for Pharmacy Services
How to Get Paid for Pharmacy ServicesPharmacists are finding ways to get reimbursed for clinical services. See what you can do to get paid.
Prescribing rights: Worth it?
Prescribing rights: Worth it?Pharmacists are now recognized as providers nearly everywhere—now that they have the status, what does it mean?
Physician-pharmacist partnerships key to higher profits, future progressOnce physicians see what you can do for them, they won't want to let you go.
Provider statusWith provider status now a reality in 38 states, HR 592 and S 314 have powerful Congressional support. How long before the payers come on board?
When pharmacists partner with physicians, everybody winsWhen pharmacists help physicians provide better patient care to patients, it pays off for everyone.
Integrative medicineA Fort Lauderdale university clinic emphasizes the connection between health, wellness, and prevention.
Statewide collaborative model saves billions in health expensesOver the last 10 years, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and stakeholders have prevented $1.4 billion in health expenses. Here's how.
Fighting back, part 1: Overcoming the challenges of independent practice
Fighting back, part 1: Overcoming the challenges of independent practiceOwning a primary care practice has rarely—if ever—been more challenging than it is today. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this and the following issue of Medical Economics, we present physicians and practices that are beating the odds by fighting back. They are overcoming the obstacles to success and practicing medicine the way they want to. We hope their examples inspire you to fight back too.
Partnering on COPD for savings, outcomesA leading pharmaceutical company is partnering with payers to help lower COPD complications.
You want collaborative practice? Win provider statusWithout provider status, it can take years for a pharmacist to achieve a good relationship with a medical practice.