Coding Insights

Coding for time vs. E/M elementsUnderstanding the nuances in E/M coding
When an E/M code can be billed with a physical on the same dayClarifying the usage of evaluation and management codes
How to define supervision when using transitional care managementDefining supervision when using transitional care management
Top 13 Pokémon Go ICD-10 codes physicians need to knowIf you have yet to hear about Pokémon Go, the new app that is taking over the world—it topped 15 million downloads in just its first week—you probably will or have already started seeing its results in the form of your patients.
How to properly code diabetes complexityWe have a large patient population with diabetes, and we are still struggling with how to code each of the manifestations. Can you give us a good guideline to help with our coding?
Tips to understand EHR note cloningQ: Where can I find specific guidance on cloning and electronic health record (EHR) issues?
What active patient management means when billing incident-toHow often must the physician perform subsequent services that reflect the continued active management of a patient’s care in order to bill incident-to?
How to bill and code transitional care management the right wayOur office is having a difficult time reaching patients within the required two business days from discharge for transitional care management (TCM) codes. Will this preclude us from billing the codes when all of the other criteria are met?
How physicians can get paid for home visitsDOWLING Contributing author GETTING PAID FOR HOME VISITS Renee Dowling is a billing and coding consultant with VEI Consulting in Indianapolis, Indiana. Send your coding questions to: [email protected] I am in private practice and recently did a home visit, one-hour evaluation for the first time. What is the code for the initial home visit and then subsequent visits?
How to understand medical necessity and how it controls physician paymentA lot of the questions and answers I see in Coding Insights involve “medical necessity.” Who defines this? How does this directly impact payments?