How to code and bill for transitional care managementThe goal of transitional care management (TCM) codes is to achieve increased involvement of primary care physicians (PCPs) in order to improve patient care and reduce mistakes in care coordination that can lead to readmission.
How to take advantage of new coding opportunities in 2017Physicians can boost revenue by learning how to correctly use procedural codes unveiled in 2017
Everything to know about changes to chronic care management servicesThe Medicare Physician Fee Schedule updates and revisions contain several positive changes to chronic care management (CCM) services.
You had better be savvy with your coding
You had better be savvy with your codingWith the change in payment focusing on quality medicine instead of the old-fashioned fee for service, providers better be savvy with their coding or they will lose out on the money needed to run their practices.
What physicians should know about chronic care management changesAre there other services that we can’t bill if we are billing chronic care services?
Everything doctors should know about ICD-10 glitch
Everything doctors should know about ICD-10 glitchCMS has announced a glitch in the quality reporting measures brought upon by the changes in the ICD-CM (Clinical Modification) and ICD-PCS (Procedural Coding System) updates that went into affect Oct. 1.
5 key coding opportunities in 2017Prepare for 5 key coding opportunities
How to bill drug reconciliationI spend a tremendous amount of time reconciling medications with and for my patients. I don’t see a specific “data” indicator for this in the decision-making tables. How do I account for this?
Top 5 of 2016: Dermatology legal insightsIn 2016, we provided advice on a number of different legal issues ranging from informed consent issues, to off-label products, to whether or not you could lose your medical license for not paying your office rent. Here are the top 5 legal insight articles of 2016 from Dermatology Times.
Top 5 tips for combatting 2017 coding concerns
Top 5 tips for combatting 2017 coding concernsThe calendar may say the ICD-10 transition is long gone, but practices still will likely feel its repercussions in 2017 in terms of payer requests, denials and the new code set’s influence on value-based care. Looking to next year, practices should start being proactive with these coding opportunities now to consider how the following five factors will impact documenting, coding and billing for care