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FDA takes tough stance on kids’ opioid cold medsFDA is taking its toughest stance yet on opioid-containing cough and cold medications for children.
FDA Issues New Label Change for Codeine and Tramadol
FDA Issues New Label Change for Codeine and TramadolDecades of research has led to a flurry of new warnings.
Still too much codeine prescribed for kidsIn spite of national and worldwide recommendations, codeine prescriptions for children presenting to an emergency department (ED) with cough or an upper respiratory infection (URI) have not declined, according to a cross-sectional analysis funded by the National Institutes of Health.
Too many kids given codeine in ERs despite risksDespite strong FDA warnings against its use in adolescents, a new study suggests that codeine is prescribed for children during at least 500,000 emergency room (ER) visits each year.