Getting comfortable with cloud storage
Getting comfortable with cloud storageLearn about options for personal and practice data storage
6 steps to survive a ransomware attack
6 steps to survive a ransomware attackHere are the six tips I learned to help survive a ransomware attack.
RevolutionEHR announces launch of revMarketRevolutionEHR announced the launch of revMarket, a cloud-based resource designed for optometrists, during a press conference at SECO on Thursday.
Improve virtual communications and collaboration with cloud computingBe mindful of data breaches with cloud-based systems
Kareo unveils solution center for private practicesKareo, Inc. introduces Kareo Marketplace, a solution center designed to help private practices thrive in the current dynamic healthcare environment. Kareo Marketplace delivers a curated selection of cloud-based applications and value-added services that can help practices optimize operations.
Eyemaginations launches cloud-based patient educationCloud-based turnkey software solution Echo from Eyemaginations allows healthcare professionals to communicate with patients from any Internet-based device.
Examine all costs when investigating EHR platformsIf you are purchasing an electronic health record system for the first time or are considering switching systems, assess the needs of the practice and then consider the different system platforms (cloud- or SAAS-based or server-based).