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Wellness Visits/Pharmacists: Perfect Together
Wellness Visits/Pharmacists: Perfect TogetherStudy finds that patients like wellness visits conducted by pharmacists.
Pediatric Asthma: An Update for Pharmacists
Pediatric Asthma: An Update for PharmacistsIn this month's peer-reviewed article, learn more about the illness affecting millions.
Integrating Pharmacists into Medical Homes Significantly Improves OutcomesHaving a clinical pharmacist integrated into a medical home benefits diabetes and hypertension patients.
Four people, a dozen pharmacy careers
Four people, a dozen pharmacy careersWho says the options are limited? Not this family.
Specialized training puts pharmacists front and centerAs specialized pharmacy education has evolved through the years, the value that pharmacists contribute to healthcare has increased exponentially.
Four ways clinical pharmacists can improve managed careHere are four reasons a clinical pharmacist should be part of care teams for chronically-ill, elderly, and at-risk patient populations.
Pharmacists in the ED: An idea whose time has comeWho wouldn't want a med specialist on hand when they're wheeled into the Emergency Department?
Pharmacist-led diabetes collaborative improves care, costsA new study indicates the inclusion of a pharmacist on diabetes patient care teams can benefit patients and reduce healthcare costs.
You want collaborative practice? Win provider statusWithout provider status, it can take years for a pharmacist to achieve a good relationship with a medical practice.
Ebola treatment in America
Ebola treatment in AmericaWhat is it like to care for patients with Ebola? Clinical pharmacists share what they’ve learned.