chronic conditions

One plan’s unique approach to combat diabetes, obesityThis novel approach aims to help those already struggling with obesity and diabetes, but eventually win the fight against this epidemic.
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Leveraging data integration to manage chronic conditionsIs digital health integration the missing link in understanding chronic diseases and what should physicians be asking to ensure the data they want to receive is captured effectively?
Humana: More physicians embrace value-based payHumana's Bold Goal progress report aims to improve population health by addressing health barriers, increasing access to healthcare, encouraging healthy behaviors, and promoting the prevention and management of chronic conditions prevention and management.
Four ways to a better patient healthcare experienceCoordination is key in improving adherence and outcomes in patients with chronic conditions. Here’s how.
Seniors with multiple chronic conditions: 4 tipsThe inability to coordinate care for these seniors leads to more health problems, and higher costs.
5 things to know about cholesterol-lowering PCSK9 inhibitorsThis summer, the first two drugs in the new class of cholesterol-lowering medications, known as PCSK9 inhibitors, are expected to be approved by the FDA. If approved, PCSK9 inhibitors will change how chronic conditions are treated.
Health homes provide super utilizer supportThe Affordable Care Act has led to community-based approaches for super utlilizers like health homes that appear to be making inroads.
The consequences of high out-of-pocket medication costsCost of treatment often forces aging patients on limited incomes to choose between paying for medications or for food and rent.
[BLOG]: FDA approves first biosimilar in US, may lead to easier access to biologic medications for patientsIn this guest blog post, Larry LaMotte, spokesperson for Patients for Biologics Safety & Access and Vice President of Public Policy at the Immune Deficiency Foundation, discusses the possibility of biosimilars helping increase access to vital medications for patients with chronic and life-threatening conditions.