choroidal nevus

Diagnosing CHRPE lesions can be a challenge for ODsA 26-year-old healthy ophthalmically asymptomatic female patient attended the University of Alabama School of Optometry clinic for a periodic ophthalmic evaluation. Her history was significant for myopic refractive correction, for which she wore soft contact lenses successfully.
What you don't know about choroidal melanomaCarol Shields, MD, and Jerry Shields, MD, of Wills Eye Hospital ocular oncology service shared their advice for what to look out for when it comes to choridal melanoma during a session at the American Academy of Optometry 2015 meeting in New Orleans.
Imaging a choroidal nevusA mid-50s female was sent for imaging of a choroidal nevus that had been followed clinically for several years without observation of changes. There was no suspicion of growth or significant elevation. The purpose of the imaging studies was to establish digital baseline characteristics and to add additional documentation.