Impact of Delivery Type on Female Sexual Function ExploredThe route of delivery of a child does not have a long-term effect on female sexual dysfunction in primipara mothers, according to a study.
Inexpensive Generic Prevents Bleeding Deaths after ChildbirthGeneric drug prevents post-birth bleeding deaths
Birth plans: Managing patients' expectations [Podcast]Editorial Director Susan C. Olmstead talks with blogger Yalda Afshar, MD, of UCLA, about how she helps patients who want to develop birth plans.
Safety of in-hospital versus out-of-hospital birthsA population-based retrospective cohort study by researchers from Oregon is adding new data to the ongoing debate about the safety of giving birth outside of the hospital versus in the hospital.
Home birth: The obstetrician's ethical response
Home birth: The obstetrician's ethical responseThe professional responsibility model of obstetric ethics provides a powerful antidote to maternal rights-based reductionism.
Mode of childbirth not linked to sexual functionAccording to a recent study, parity and mode of delivery do not have a significant impact on women's long-term sexual satisfaction.
Childbirth rates higher for abused teenaged girlsTeenaged birth rates among abused or neglected adolescent girls are more than double the birth rate of their peers who never experienced abuse and more than 3 times the rate for girls who were never neglected, according to a new study.