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How Pharmacists Can Protect Kids from Dangerous Medications
How Pharmacists Can Protect Kids from Dangerous MedicationsKids getting into medications is a big problem, but pharmacists can help.
National hospital initiative targets preventable injuriesUnintentional injury is ranked number one among the 10 leading causes of death in children. In fact, injuries, ranging from car and bike crashes to poisonings and gunshot wounds, kill more children than anything else, starting at age 1 year to age 44 years.
Why playground injuries are on the riseSofter ground coverings and other safety measures are helping, but playground injuries are still on the rise, with monkey bars and swings posing the biggest threats.
“Good parents” denial puts kids at risk for heat strokeAs children in the United States—especially vulnerable infants and toddlers—continue to die from heat stroke inside cars and other vehicles, researchers are making an astonishing discovery about why these preventable tragedies occur.