Z Wave for cellulite treatmentNew acoustic percussive device may help to tackle cellulite and more.
Radial Pulse-Based System Significantly Improves Outcomes of Fat Reduction Procedures
Radial Pulse-Based System Significantly Improves Outcomes of Fat Reduction ProceduresWhile non-surgical fat reduction technologies can yield dramatic results, stubborn and residual swelling often remains present in the treated areas. This is where the Z Wave from Zimmer MedizinSystems (Irvine, Calif.) comes in. Using radial pulse energy, the Z Wave device enhances the outcome of cryolipolysis treatments by transmitting high-energy acoustic waves through soft tissue, which spread radially beneath the skin’s surface.
The Skinny on fat reduction, cellulite devicesFresh after her presentations on fat reduction and cellulite treatment devices at ASDS, Sue Ellen Cox, M.D., offers unplugged advice about today’s technologies.
Profound for the treatment of cellulite in 2017Syneron's Profound is the latest device to receive FDA clearance for minimally invasive, fractional RF microneedling treatment for cellulite.
Microneedle RF for celluliteAccording to a recent study, the Profound microneedle-based fractional radiofrequency device doesn’t just improve the appearance of cellulite, but of the skin overall.
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Technology advances cellulite treatmentWe finally have effective interventions that address the root cause of cellulite (fibrous tethers). Now, patient education and selection becomes paramount. Long horizontal lines and the infragluteal cleft or bulge, the so-called “banana-roll” cannot be corrected with these interventions. Prior to performing cellulite procedures we must impart this knowledge to our patients to ensure realistic expectations.
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