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Pros and cons of choosing dermatology
Pros and cons of choosing dermatologyIf you’re in the throes of med school, you are probably giving some thought, when you can, to what comes next. Where do you want your professional career to take you? Perhaps – dermatology?
3 tips to use LinkedIn to advance your career
3 tips to use LinkedIn to advance your careerAfter many years as the sole optometrist in a busy ophthalmology practice, I found myself feeling isolated. I had excelled in my career managing many complicated ocular disease cases and making a difference in the lives of the patients whom I served; however, I was lacking the collaboration with my peers I had experienced during my residency and years in school.
New career directions: Financial factors and practice models to considerDriven by technology, a wave of practice consolidations and changes in the regulatory environment, some physicians are steering their skills into new ventures, practice models, or job roles that they hope will deliver a more promising financial future.
Starting a practiceIn starting a practice, experts say, everything from marketing matters to real-estate strategies should stem from the reason or reasons that one chose dermatology in the first place.
Career decisions: Should you start, buy or join a practice?There are many ways to have a medical career. Choosing whether to take employment, buy a practice, or start from scratch involves assessing your personal and professional values, and the specific location you are targeting. The bottom line: Choose what will make you personally and professionally happy.
Nurses who care too deeply burn out fasterA new report shows that nurses who care the most are more likely to experience burnout and even leave their jobs.
Moonlighting: Physicians expand income, experience by taking on secondary employmentA Medical Economics survey found nearly one-third of physicians earn a secondary income. Here's why more physicians are taking jobs outside of their practice.
A travel nurse’s challenge: Transitioning back to permanent employmentThere are many reasons a travel nurse might decide to leave life on the road. But here’s what you should consider before heading back to permanent employment.
10 questions to ace your travel interviewAsking questions is a critical part of the phone interview with a hospital’s hiring manager. Here are 10 questions every traveler should consider.
Is the July phenomenon a myth? An ob/gyn resident speaks outCome July 1st, thousands of newly minted interns with freshly pressed long white coats, but experience-green, flood the floors of teaching hospitals around the country. For most of the country July 1st means another glorious summer day of basking in the bliss of summertime sun. For the labor and delivery floor this is NOT the case.