cardiovascular disease prevention

Pharmacy Moves to Barber Shops
Pharmacy Moves to Barber ShopsCollaboration can take pharmacists all kinds of places—but almost always results in healthier patients.
Cardiovascular drugs: Current spending, future outlookCardiovascular drugs are among the most widely used, since their indications are far reaching and address conditions that are prevalent among a large population.
Top 3 cardiovascular patient compliance challenges
Top 3 cardiovascular patient compliance challengesStaying compliant with a prescribed treatment regimen gives cardiovascular disease patients the best chance of improving their heart health and reducing future incidences of cardiac events. Here’s how to get patients on board.
Driving down heart disease costs: Tips for plans, providers
Driving down heart disease costs: Tips for plans, providersHeart disease takes a heavy toll on the healthcare system, but promising new treatments are emerging
A Hypertension Quiz in 3 CasesFind out what you know about how to avoid therapeutic inertia in treatment of hypertension.
IMPROVE-IT: Can It Improve Heart Guidelines?Lowering lipid levels beyond typical targets by adding ezetimibe (Zetia) to a statin modestly boosted the cardiovascular protection afforded, the IMPROVE-IT trial showed.