Hypertension in an infant girlA previously healthy 8-month-old girl presented to the emergency department with fever and increased work of breathing. She was hospitalized for hypoxia attributed to community-acquired pneumonia, treated with ceftriaxone, and weaned to room air over several days. On the morning of planned discharge, she was noted to have had persistently elevated blood pressures for the past 12 hours.
Mild chronic hypertension in pregnancy: To treat or not to treat?The debate over which approach most benefits mother and baby still rages.
Optic neuropathy diagnosed via hypertension
Optic neuropathy diagnosed via hypertensionAnterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION) was first described in 1974. It results from non-perfusion of the posterior ciliary blood supply to the optic nerve head.
5 things to know about cholesterol-lowering PCSK9 inhibitorsThis summer, the first two drugs in the new class of cholesterol-lowering medications, known as PCSK9 inhibitors, are expected to be approved by the FDA. If approved, PCSK9 inhibitors will change how chronic conditions are treated.
Managing patients with hypertension: Tips and strategies to improve the care you provide your hypertensive patientsHypertension needs to be managed quickly and carefully for patients to avoid health problems
Hypertension: Key coding considerationsHere are some key coding considerations when working with patients with hypertension and hypertension related symptoms.
Statins Maybe Not a Wonder Drug for ParkinsonStatins may be a wonder drug for lowering cholesterol and preventing heart and cardiovascular disease, leading some physicians and patients to think they’re a cure-all.