ECG Challenge: Encountering ExtrasystolesWhat do you suspect in a 45-year-old woman presenting with hypotension, bradycardia, and no significant medical history? ECG, here.
Acute Onset Palpitations in a 31-Year-Old ManThis first episode of arrhythmia occurs after completion of a customary 4-mile run. HR: 172 beats/min. View ECG here.
LV Dysfunction Persists Post-Ablation for Lone AF (VIDEO)Study questions whether reduction in AF burden after catheter ablation leads to sustained beneficial cardiac remodeling.
Pleuritic Chest Pain in a Young WomanECG of the Month: The 28-year-old presents with worsening midsternal chest pain x24 hours. What does the ECG tell you?
Predictors of Sexual Function Post-AMI in Young AdultsWhat outcomes do you expect from this study? One modifiable risk factor is actually in your hands.
Cardio App of the Month: ACS TrialsThis "history book of ACS science" is a worthwhile download for the busy cardiologist.
Aerobic Capacity at Middle Age Predicts Mortality in Swedish MenDr Bobby Lazzara reviews a first-of-its-kind study that found aerobic capacity second only to smoking as a predictor of death.
MI is Silent Nearly Half the TimeThe unsettling finding makes a case for a targeted screening strategy in higher-risk populations.
App Review: The ACC-AHA ASCVD Risk Estimator
App Review: The ACC-AHA ASCVD Risk EstimatorThe practice of CVD risk estimation shifted radically in 2013. The ACC-AHA app helps you connect the new dots.
To Bridge or not To Bridge?Are we asking the right question about periprocedural anticoagulation?