cancer mortality

Why do so many kids die so soon following a cancer diagnosis?While improvements have been made to childhood cancer mortality rates, a recent research study aims to identify how many children die before being able to start treatment, and what interventions can be put in place to improve their chances.
Living longer to face new battlesIn the 30 years since the first issue of Contemporary Pediatrics, the mortality rate for all pediatric cancers combined has declined by more than 50%.
WHI report says physical activity may help prevent death due to ovarian cancerWomen who engage in vigorous physical activity before a diagnosis of ovarian cancer may be at lower risk of dying of the disease, according to a new report by investigators from the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI).
25-year study questions value of screening mammographyA new study with up to 25 years’ follow up is reopening debate about the value of screening mammography in women aged 40 to 59. Published in BMJ, the Canadian research found that 22% of women in that screening population—or 1 in every 424—had an over-diagnosed breast cancer.