buttock augmentation

Recommendations for safer gluteal fat graftingA plastic surgery taskforce recently released recommendations for gluteal fat grafting, a procedure that has a significantly higher mortality rate than any other in the aesthetic space.
A global consensus on the female buttockWhat waist-to-hip ratio is most desirable across most cultures and geographic locations? Researchers report.
Cultural variations of the butt liftDr. Walter Tom advises considering varying cultural preferences for buttock shapes when planning butt enhancement procedures.
A recent history of the American derriere
A recent history of the American derriereFrom the pages of playboy to “male pattern buttocks,” this is a snapshot of where we’ve been —and where the big business of butts is going.
Fat or implants? The derriere debateMany surgeons admit they prefer to use fat to augment the buttocks. Are implants on the way out?
Large-volume fat transfer for buttock augmentationNew research suggests adding power-assisted technology results in less operative time and more reliable results.
Pilot study looks at non-invasive buttock liftingAn ongoing pilot study suggests micro-focused ultrasound with visualization technology, which is FDA cleared for non-invasive lifting around the eyebrows, under the chin and on the décolleté, is a well-tolerated and potentially effective noninvasive option for the buttock lifting.
Abdominal dermal-fat grafts for buttock augmentationIs abdominal dermal-fat graft augmentation gluteoplasty a viable technique?