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CMS changes impacting primary care for the better
CMS changes impacting primary care for the betterA look at how Medicare is reforming primary care payment.
7 health IT trends to watch in 2018
7 health IT trends to watch in 2018Forecasts of future trends go along with a new year as reliably as champagne and the ball drop. Medical Economics spoke with three leading health information technology (HIT) experts to see what HIT trends they expect will matter the most in 2018. Here are the trends they foresee.
Coding for time vs. E/M elementsUnderstanding the nuances in E/M coding
Understanding the need for long-term disability insuranceSecuring LTD coverage can be complicated, confusing and expensive. But insurance experts, advisers and physicians who’ve suffered injury or illness all agree: Doctors need it.
Make CCM work for your practiceWith the right preparation, chronic care management can create additional revenue
Tips to retain clinical talent through high-performance teamsIn the complicated healthcare system in the U.S., one thing remains clear: retaining the clinical talent needed to deliver high-quality patient care is essential.
Becoming the ideal doctor: What do your patients really want?The important differentiating characteristics patients seek in a primary care physician may not be what you'd expect.
How to utilize a sophisticated medical risk model in estate planningJust as the medical profession strives to manage health and disease risks to ensure sound health, the estate planning profession strives to manage risks to ensure a client and his or her family's financial health and wellbeing.
Top 10 metros doctors get the biggest pay raises
Top 10 metros doctors get the biggest pay raisesRead on to find out the top 10 metros physicians get the biggest pay raises.
Get great online reviews without violating HIPAAPhysicians have a big challenge when it comes to managing online reviews: HIPAA. Although patients may say whatever they like, doctors are bound by HIPAA not to release certain information, and the lines can be blurry.