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Coping with patients who come bearing coupons
Coping with patients who come bearing couponsInsurance companies are increasingly emphasizing value-based plans to align consumer spending with the value generated by a service or drug. However, pharmaceutical makers are seriously undermining these efforts by issuing “copayment coupons.”
How to keep your patients from switching physicians
How to keep your patients from switching physiciansEnding the revolving door of patients.
Dissecting the value of an MBA to private practice physiciansWhy independent doctors may want to consider going back to school to more efficiently run office operations
Here's how social media can boost physician hiring effortsSocial media is becoming more common in physician recruiting, particularly among large practices
Top 10 workplaces for PCPs to earn higher salaries
Top 10 workplaces for PCPs to earn higher salariesRead on to find out the top industries primary care physicians bring in the revenue.
Top 10 primary care doctors to follow on TwitterSome physicians embrace social media and use it to assist their peers and patients. Here are 10 of the best primary care accounts you should follow.
5 things to know about Lyme disease and PowassanThe CDC is warning of a high threat of tick-borne illnesses this summer, including the sometimes-deadly Powassan virus. Here are five things you need to know about Lyme disease and Powassan and how to code for them.
Top 10 highest, lowest paying states for family medicineWe already told you the top best and worst paying states for internal medicine, but what about family medicine?
Tips for auditing physician employee personnel foldersHave you ever done an audit of your employee personnel folders to review the actual information that has made its way into these folders? There have been many Department of Labor changes in the past couple of years, so now would be a good time to pull several folders and analyze the contents.
5 financial mistakes doctors can avoidNobody likes acknowledging mistakes—especially when it comes to finances. It can be painful to admit when we’ve made bad choices or have fallen short.